Monday, September 3, 2007

Daring? Me? Never...

Until now!

I am proud to announce that I am a new member of the Daring Bakers group, effective September 1st.

Who are these Daring Bakers and what does being part of their group mean?

The Daring Bakers are a group dedicated to pushing the limits of their collective love -- baking! Each month a challenge is set by one of the members. For everyone else, their mission becomes following the recipe to an exact "T" with the only variations being those accepted modifications listed in the original challenge. The recipe and the outcomes are a secret to the rest of the world until the day that all of the Daring Bakers post their results. No one is permitted to reveal that month's challenge until the day that everyone posts.

I have been silently watching the past challenges as members post their results. Part of me drools, and another part marvels at how talented these women are for created what look like perfect pastry masterpieces! I won't lie - I am slightly (okay, more than slightly) intimidated by joining this group, but baking has always been my first love and I am looking forward to being challenged. I am excited about learning new skills, techniques and conquering things I may have never had the guts to try on my own.

Look for the results of my first Daring Bakers challenge on September 30th! Wish me luck! :)


Beth G. said...

CONGRATS!! That is awesome~ I hope I get daring someday!! Can't wait to see the results of the challange :)