Friday, August 10, 2007

Menu for Week of August 10 - August 16

Mixing in some old standbys with a couple of new recipes...

Meal #1:
Burgers on the grill
Corn on the cob
Oven fries

Meal #2:
Mexican rice

Meal #3:
Moroccan Stuffed Peppers
(some type of chicken added)

Meal #4:
Pepper and Garlic-Crusted Tenderloin Steaks with Port Wine Sauce
Rice Pilaf
Roasted zucchini

Meal #5:
We may or may not have a BBQ... if so, I'll post all the recipes. If not, we'll have leftovers.


Amber said...

Sounds like some good meals coming up!!! Can't wait to see the reviews.