Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Grill Pan, My Love

When it rains, it pours. There is nothing figurative in that statement. It literally poured all day today. Any notion of grilling outside for dinner tonight was quickly washed away! Enter my grill pan. I purchased my Reversible Double Griddle from Crate & Barrel back during the winter months, and I must say that it's an absolutely awesome piece of cookware to own. Since it spans two burners, the possibilities are endless. This is definitely worth the $50 it costs.

Here is a picture of the product from Crate & Barrel's website:

Tonight Nick made fajitas and the grill pan enabled us to cook both the chicken and the vegetables all at once AND get that great grilled/burnt flavor. Dinner was fabulous (Nick did an awesome job) and here are some pictures of the grill pan in action. Notice the incredible grill marks it produces!


Amber said...

I have that same grill pan and LOVE it! My only problem is that it seems like it is a pain to clean when I grill a marinated meat on it.
Great job on dinner Nick, it looks awesome.

Renea said...

Oh I use my grill pan for everything. I love mine too!

Jigginjessica said...

It's official I need a grill pan!

Deborah Dowd said...

I bought a similar griddle off ebay and I love it. We use it at home and when we go camping (it spans the two burners of our propane camp stove too). Great post!